Keep The Faith

Life can be hard. This is a reality that has become undeniable in past months, and we continue to adjust to the new “normal.” Persoanlly, I hate that term ‘new normal’ , because nothing about our lives seem normal to me at all. It feels upside down and backwards.

Life has started to look like a crazy quilt with none of the pieces seeming to fit together all that well. Rumors and deception, disease, and even riots in the streets, have left a lot of us confused, discouraged and bewildered about how everything could change so quickly.

Where is God in all of this? Did He abandon us? Is this the end? I think we sometimes believe our situation is strangely unique and a struggle to decipher but actually, this is nothing new.

If we look back and read the struggles of the early church, the apostle Paul had to advise and encourage a struggling Christian community that was experiencing some frightful rumors and possibilities.

The apostle Paul wrote a special letter to the Thessalonians who were being persecuted and concerned about their future and were confused by false teaching, rumors and disorder among them. Paul reminded them that there was a certain order to Gods’ plan and not to succomb to rumors or twisted prophecies.

Our God is a God or order. Deception and confusion are always the work of the evil one. Paul reminded them that there is a “mystery of lawlessness at work”. God is allowing this for a time but the “lawless one” will be revealed.

Sound familiar? Lawlessness, deception and yes even persecution have come our way but do not be discouraged dear ones. This is not new. Paul gave us instructions…”Hold fast to the traditions that you were taught either by an oral statment or by a letter of ours.”

This is our calling as well dear brothers and sisters. Hold fast. Do not waiver. Stand firm. Yes many strange and confusing thing may present themselves, but the Lord Jesus himself will give us hope to continue. We must never doubt that God has us in the palm of His hand and His plan is perfect.

God has called us to the virtues of fortitude, perseverance and patience. Hope must be our bedrock and faith our guide. Let us pray for one another and the church militant. Let us never forget we were chosen for such a time as this.

Take heart dear brothers and sisters! God is with us.

Until next time


Debbie Byrd Smith

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Hi there! Welcome to the my little corner of the internet. My name is Debbie and I am a Catholic convert and passionate about living a life on purpose. Join me here, and let's talk about life with passion and enthusiasm and building our life with purpose! Let's stay in touch! Leave your contact information and we can talk about it!

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