Welcome to Byrdology where we explore “Life on Purpose”!

My name is Debbie Byrd Smith and my purpose is helping you find yours!

I believe everyone has a God given purpose, and even if you don’t know God….I can help with that too.

Helping you find God , building your relationship with Him, and finding that purpose can be a daunting task! I doesn’t have to be! I know it can be challenging to work out all the things you need to work out! It can feel overwhelming and downright impossible!

I know!!

‘Believe me!! I’ve been there. For many years my life had no direction, no purpose, no passion, but I have found all that I’ve needed to make my life fulfilling and purposeful and you can too!

So no matter what you are facing: poor relationships, divorce, addiction, domestic abuse, codependency or a life with no direction , I’ve been there and helped others who have been there as well.. I’ve dedicated my life for over three decades to helping people overcome their obstacles and find the life they were truly meant to live.

If you would like more information about how to start changing your life or would like to get in touch leave your information on the contact page with a brief comment or email me at byrdology1@gmail.com and together we can start on the road to “life on purpose.”


Let’s build something together.