Detach….For God’s Sake

Whew has this been a crazy year or what?? Oh my dear ones….it’s been pretty crazy.

It seems as if everything has turned upside down!!

I’ve felt very fortunate to be in a relatively small town away from big cities and sheltered from much of the chaos, but the big question of why and what is to come still hangs in the air no matter where you are. It’s certainly led me to contemplate the state of things and all the (up until now) unthinkable possibilities.

What’s going to happen to the economy? Will my income be secure? Are my freedoms disappearing? Can I go to church? Can I even travel freely? What’s going to become of my life.

Now some of you may think this is extreme thinking. I bet some of you are right there with me on this. I even bet some have felt the anxiety I have wrestled with. In all of this, I have come to rely more and more on my faith and prayer.

If Jesus taught us anything it’s to rely on God and not on men. Don’t worry and let ME handle it! He said the flowers in the field are clothed and the birds of the air eat…don’t sweat it. I’ve got this!! He wants to take care of this. Really He does…

But exactly how do you do that? Not worry? Don’t be anxious? He said be anxious for NOTHING??


What does that even mean?

How can you detach from your loved ones; from your home and your stuff? (Yes stuff… admit it, you’re attached to your stuff. )

For me it’s been a process. Learning and understanding what detachment looks like in my life might be a little different than yours but honestly, dear ones, probably not that much different for anyone.

Bottom line….what’s within our control? Me. My will. All else can and might be taken from me. Even my physical life isn’t in my hands. God can take it anytime. So I detach.

Do I love my family…of course. My home? Absolutely. It’s my sanctuary, my safe place. My refuge here on this earth but if it burns down tonight? What then?

So I ask myself… what’s UN changeable? What’s for sure? God and His mercy…that’s for sure!! THAT my dear ones is forever certain! That has and will never change.

We are now in a time of preparation. Lent is our “40 days in the desert” and boy don’t some days feel like we are in that desert! And what are we preparing for?? MERCY!!!

At the end of our desert retreat comes Easter and the resurrection followed by Divine Mercy Sunday. Floods of mercy rain down on us from God Himself! This is great news and the refreshment we need from all the crazy stuff we are enduring.

I’m going to be writing much more in the coming days and weeks about Mercy and Divine Mercy Sunday. I hope you’ll stick with me and learn about this wonderful gift we are all given if we accept it.

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Ave Maria!

Till next time,