Listers Gotta List

Are you a lister? You know who you are. You LOVE to write lists!!

Lists of to dos! Lists of books to read, sites to check out, places to visit and household purchases to complete. There are numbers to track, passwords to document and calls to make.

Listers can write lists ad infinitum

I’m a lister, but I must confess, I have foud there to be several degrees of list practitioners.

First, we have the die hard compulsive lister. This is an uber organized, type A, gotta get it done and done right personality. I suppose Santa would fall into this category and we know he DOES get the job done!! (And if even Santa needs a list what chance do the rest of us have.)

They are detailed. They must write EVERYTHING down. Cleaning lists, grocery lists, self care lists: Die hard listers like to have a tangible record of their lifes’ work they can add and refer to on an ongoing basis. The great thing about this type of lister is they are highly organized and you can depend on their ability to complete tasks and remember details.

Then there is the casual lister.

Casual listers write lists to help them remember the main chores, errands and various to do’s. They use a grocery list and probably can complete a round of errands in one attempt.

Then there is the compulsive lister /casual user.

This is the person who will write a great list; remember to write all the errands, calls and purchases. They will take great care to write it all down and even create a plan!! What makes the Compulsive/casual different?

They leave the list on the counter and promptly forget at least half the list.

This is a category I know a lot about.

I LOVE to make lists!! Short lists, long lists: Lists about this and that. Shopping lists, and errand lists!! I feel so organized and adult when I list. The problem has always been that these lists were on small individual pads of paper, post it notes and the backs of envelopes. I had no system.

I could make great notes at work and had a wonderful and quite elaborate planner system to keep me on track but at home? Not so much

Then I found a planner system I could use and enjoy at home. I love it. It’s easy to use, cheerful, and I have fun planning my week and organizing my appointments, chores and to do’s. I have a small size (mini) planner that fits in my bag and is quite portable.

If you are a lister, or just aspire to become a lister I recommend finding a system that works for you: one you enjoy and look forward to referring to on a daily basis. There are so many to choose from and I’ve tried a number of styles and brands. I currently use The HAPPY PLANNER.

Shop around and look at different options! There are systems that fit everyones pocketbook and preferences. Believe me, everyone can become a first class lister with a little research, organization and persistence.

So tell me, are you a lister? What kinds of lists do you like to make and use? Do you use a special book or planner? I’d love to hear about it and learn from you how you use your lists or what has helped you become a consistent and accomplished lister..or what you struggle with in your attempts to be more organized and prepared.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Until next time,