Mercy, mercy….me?

I grew up a child of the 60’s…the Pepsi generation..tie dye and blue jeans and what we believed were revolutionary ideas.

I must admit I have to laugh at myself a little about that time . We thought we were so forward thinking, rebellious (in a good way of course) and SO much wiser than our poor “old” parents!! Little did I know then, I really had no idea what rebellion looked like.

Many have said, and I can agree, that much of the chaos we see now, really began to brew during that tumultuous time. As standards and morals plummeted we began to feel the results. I suppose, as with any chaotic experience, when your in the middle of it , it’s difficult to see what’s happening clearly if at all.

I was sheltered in many ways from the violence, the deceit and the inequality we witnessed, but watching a war on tv is not the same as seeing the streets and cities burn in your own country.

We heard that God was dead and there really wasn’t any point in looking for Him. He’s left us and we are on our own. Although, thank God, I never totally lost my faith, I did lose the confidence I once felt in my belief. Did God really care? Does He see what is going on down here? Why doesn’t He do something?

And then I found out…oh yes! He’s been paying attention all along.. as an adult I came into the Catholic Church and found an entire army of beings God had created to teach us, guide us and lead us into a new vision. Angels and saints and wise teachers. I found out He still communicates and teaches us… and I discovered a very special saint! A young nun named Faustina in Poland who was commanded by Jesus to tell us about Mercy!!

Her writings in a diary entitled “Divine Mercy in my Soul” tell the marvelous teaching of Jesus about the Mercy of God! Jesus said we need Gods mercy and He LONGS to give it to each of us. He desires to give it to us more than we could ever know, and He describes it as an ocean… an ocean of mercy!

Reading the Diary of Saint Faustina has been eye opening. An enormous waterfall of mercy Is available to each of us no matter how off the rails we have gone.

In recent years St Faustina, a very poor and very ignorant Polish girl, has become one of the most well known and beloved saints of the church. Her complete trust in Jesus and her childlike acceptance led her to unimaginable insights and truths about God and his love for each of us.

One of the great gifts of this private revelation (and there were many) is the great feast of Divine Mercy Sunday, celebrated one week after the greatest feast of the year, Easter Sunday!!

Can you tell I get pretty excited about this great gift of mercy? That’s because, and believe me when I say this, I NEED mercy!! These two wonderful feasts make it abundantly available to me!! ME! Mercy especially for me!

How do we get it? Where do we go? What do we do? More to come on this incomparable gift in my next post as we approach the great feasts of Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday!

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think about this Saint and this special gift of Mercy. If you’d like more information and resources on Divine Mercy leave your contact information and I will send you more about this great gift.

Ave Maria

Debbie Byrd Smith

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